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Monochromatic abstract paintings, with dominant black curving forms, hold a key place within the development of my recent  body of work.

My influences range widely from the history of architecture, calligraphy, ancient Greek vase painting, Islamic pattern design to geometric modernism and typographic design.

I try to strike a balance between control and improvisation and keep my work simple.

Geometric proportions determine the frameworks within which all elements of my paintings may be arranged in final composition.

Conceptually the design starts from the circle as the basic unit from which the composition starts to unfold. By connecting circle drawings with continuous brush movement they develop in forms that become a base for upcoming construction and deconstruction of work.

Materials and tools I use often come from hardware stores, which helps me to create large scale layered surfaces, rich with their own building history. I build up complexly layered surfaces by using palette knives, acrylics, dry pigments, bitumen and airbrush. I apply color and pigments then wash it away, burn it and sand it as long as it is necessary to create industrial and aged but still minimalistic character I want.

 The basic elements of composition drawing are gradually carved into these textures by screwdriver or other sharp tools and reveal the process of their own making.

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